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Customer How It Works

Boost your music career with Soundhunt

Build your personal music catalogue
Raise your artist profile

What we offer

One-stop shop for original music

  • All songs are vetted and selected by our committee of renowned dj's and producers
  • All pricing set by the seller
  • Instant delivery of high quality WAV format file

Mastering Services

  • Digital and analog mastering available from just $75
  • Delivery in 3 working days


  • We will assist you with promoting your new tracks through our 'Soundhunt partnership schemes'

What happens with the rights

What happens next?

The Song Is Yours

  • You can change the name of the track
  • New track name must be registered during purchase process with collection agencies and it's yours

Get Yourself Noticed

  • We will assist you with the promotion your new songs through Soundhunt partner 'Beat Guru' and our relationships with label A&R's
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