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About Soundhunt

The music world is changing

Soundhunt has been created to allow music producers of all genres, the opportunity to monetise their passion of music making by creating an online marketplace allowing the sell of their work, with their full master rights, to a community of music lovers who may be unable to achieve this level of work alone.

We are aware of the stigma regarding this philosophy and believe that it is time to change the way that ghost production is viewed. It is simply allowing an artist to be paid for his product, (away from the mechanical system of record label’s approval, publishing deals & marketing), and enabling a buyer to do whatever they chose with their newly owned product.

All artists will be vetted by a team of well respected music producers for approval to use the platform to sell their work.

Here at Soundhunt, we aim to provide our customers with only the highest level of unsigned music, that money can buy.

Join us on our journey, as we revolutionise the music industry.

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