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How It Works

Track Uploading
You will be able to upload the tracks you want to sell from your dashboard. In order to submit a track, you will need to upload both the WAV file and all of the track stems in a ZIP file. After uploading both files, your tracks will appear within 24 hours in our catalogue on Soundhunt.com.
Only original tracks
Please remember that you are only allowed to upload original, sample free music. We vet all the songs that are submitted to the site. If you have any questions regarding this, please email us on info@soundhunt.com
Selling Price
At Soundhunt we believe you should decide the selling price of your own work. Having said that, there is a reservation (starting) price of $200. Please note that the price you choose needs to factor in our commission.
Soundhunt Commission
Soundhunt commission amounts to 25% plus VAT.
For example if the track price is $300, you will receive $230 and soundhunt will receive $58, and $12 will be VAT.
You will need to set up a paypal account in order for us to send you your money. The fund will take up to 7 working days to clear in your account.